Friday, March 1, 2013


While this series is most closely associated with the artwork of Pete Morisi, this first issue is drawn by the very capable hand of Frank Bolle. The style is quite different than that of PAM's and one wonders if the series would have made it as far as it did (6 issues) if not for Morisi's distinct visual storytelling.
The real gem here is Nicola Cuti and Joe Staton's MIKE MAUSER back-up story. Much like E-Man, the two would continue to bring new Mauser tales to the public (even to this day) whenever and wherever opportunity would arise. It's clear that they love this character,even at this early juncture.Mauser would continue as the back-up for the entirety of the series run, and a previously unpublished and unfinished tale slated for the book before it was cancelled would later be be finished and published in the 6th issue of CHARLTON SPOTLIGHT in 2008.

COVER:pencils and inks: Frank Bolle
TYCOON FOR THE TAKING:pencils and inks: Frank Bolle
THE INHERITANCE: (script:Nicola Cuti):pencils and inks: Joe Staton

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  1. Totally agree. Without Morisi's later contributions which gave the Vengeance Squad a distinctive cool attitude and look, this would've been a forgettable Charlton effort. Frank Bolle's art here is workmanlike, solid, but not exciting much. The cover is a real failure in my estimation. The heroes are mostly facing away from the reader -- odd.

    Mike (don't call me Mickey) Mauser is the star of this debut. Cuti and Staton found a real voice in this one.

    Rip Off


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