Thursday, January 30, 2014

THE CHARLTON ARROW #1 has arrived!

THE CHARLTON ARROW #1 is now available for order, with a shipping date of March,2014!

This debut issue is 44 pages, full color, and filled with legends of the comics field, including some Charlton alumni!

Just take a look at the roster for this issue, and you'll know that the issue will ,indeed, "deliver the goods"!

A little history of the genesis of this undertaking:
In early-mid 2013 I started a Charlton Comics facebook group because, well, much to my surprise, there wasn't one!

What I figured would be a just small group of like minded fans, almost immediately exploded into a rather large, well rounded meeting place for fans and pros alike. Indeed, the pros came out in droves, including quite a good amount of them that had worked for Charlton.

Sometime early on, I offhandedly suggested that I should start a small Arrow fanzine. Within minutes I had pros asking if they could contribute (the great Paul Kupperberg being the first!)--it was quite unexpected!

As the contributions poured in, both comics and articles, I saw the need to partner up with someone who knew what they were doing, or at least had some experience. Enter Daredevil and Captain America scribe Roger McKenzie, who also was contributing.

Things were progressing quite well, and I was tasked with finding the right artists for the right stories, etc.
In fact, along with articles written by myself and a few others and the comics coming in, there was enough material for a super-sized first issue.(What we have here is a slightly smaller, but no less excellent first issue--those articles will more than likely make their way into future issues.)

However, circumstances dictated that I was unable to get the issue into print, and it lay dormant for several months.

 Once again, I turned to someone for help. Enter Mort Todd, who had become the defacto colorist for the Arrow, as well as a contributor. With a heavy heart I turned overfull production to Roger and Mort, but knowing it was the best solution to get the Arrow to the presses.This turned out to be the right choice, as the Arrow has finally come to fruition!
Edited by myself, McKenzie, and Todd we bring you ALL NEW stories and art featuring some classic Charlton characters such as Spookman ,Jonnie Love, Doomsday+1 (by John Byrne!), story feature EVERY Charlton horror host, articles and more!

 I am honored and proud to have been a part of this project and to have been able to work with so many exceptionally talented legends (and soon-to-be legends!), and to help spearhead a new Charlton revival.
I have every confidence that Mort and Roger will continue to bring the high quality we've brought in this first issue into future volumes.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, AND TO ORDER ( this is a mail-order-only book--it is NOT available in shops) please visit THE CHARLTON ARROW website !! Full details on the artists,writers, and contributors can be found there, as well as other ongoing Charlton Arrow projects.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Wheelie And The Chopper Bunch came late in the Hanna Barbera line of titles for Charlton, but was by no means an also-ran series to their "biggies" such as The Flintstones.
Indeed, if anything, the clever and quite funny scripts by,judging from the style, Nick Cuti and downright stellar art by Joe Staton and John Byrne (who handled the the art chores on the bulk of Wheelie's 7 issue run) made this one the standout H-B titles. Wheelie remains one of Charlton's funniest licensing efforts of the 70's.

This first issue, Staton handles all the comics stories, while Byrne gives us three illos for a two-page text story.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Charlton Arrow trading cards are here!

 THE CHARLTON ARROW comic book/prozine is just around the corner. A 44 page full color mag featuring articles and all new comics stories with some of your favorite classic Charlton Comics characters.
Edited by myself, Mort Todd and Roger McKenzie and featuring art and stories by such legendary pros such as Paul Kupperberg, John Byrne, Joe Staton, Rick Stasi ,Sandy Carruthers and more as (well as Mort and Roger, too!)
Full details, along with a preview, are forthcoming later next week, so be sure to check back!

To compliment the release of this new book,we have put together a limited edition trading card set, with 24 cards-- 16 in black and white, 8 in full color.
Limited to 250 sets and to 75 sets of uncut sheets, with signed & numbered certificates of authenticity.
The fronts feature art by well known pros such as Batton Lash,Will Meugniot, Chris Ecker, Matthew Hansel, Stephen DeSetfano, Darren Goodheart and more, along with entries by some newcomers as well.
The backs feature information background on each character. This is the first of two sets, with series two coming later this year.
Take a look at the animated GIFS below for a preview of these wonderful cards:

To find out more, and to order click this link here: CHARLTON ARROW TRADING CARDS

Be sure to visit the Charlton Arrow on facebook, where fans and pros alike gather to discuss all things Charlton Comics related: The Charlton Arrow Facebook Page

Sunday, January 19, 2014

HOUSE OF YANG #1 July 1975

I had so much fun with the Sanho Kim art in the last post, I thought I'd keep it going with another helping!
Just take a look at that stunningly beautiful painted cover Mr. Kim delivers!

House Of Yang is by far one of the finest series in all of Charlton's many titles, not just due to Kim's art but Joe Gill's scripts (many written around Kim's story suggestions) are some of the best of his career. Details on the creation of the book can be found in the text piece included , "Welcome To The House Of Yang".

HOY is a rarity in that it ties into a continuity seldom seen in the Charlton Universe, as it's a companion to the earlier YANG title, the two main characters of the books being cousins in the storylines.

It lasted only a year and 6 issues, but what a great run it was while it lasted.

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