Sunday, January 19, 2014

HOUSE OF YANG #1 July 1975

I had so much fun with the Sanho Kim art in the last post, I thought I'd keep it going with another helping!
Just take a look at that stunningly beautiful painted cover Mr. Kim delivers!

House Of Yang is by far one of the finest series in all of Charlton's many titles, not just due to Kim's art but Joe Gill's scripts (many written around Kim's story suggestions) are some of the best of his career. Details on the creation of the book can be found in the text piece included , "Welcome To The House Of Yang".

HOY is a rarity in that it ties into a continuity seldom seen in the Charlton Universe, as it's a companion to the earlier YANG title, the two main characters of the books being cousins in the storylines.

It lasted only a year and 6 issues, but what a great run it was while it lasted.


  1. That cover by Sanho Kim is beautiful, and the interior artwork is also lovely. Thanks for posting scans of this issue. I often search for Charlton back issues at comic conventions, but I've never seen this title before. I'll keep an eye out for Yang and House of Yang next time I'm searching through the long boxes at a show.

  2. Sanho Kim was supposed to do the artwork for Yang, but was delayed in immigrating to the U.S. Charlton decided not to wait but got Warren Sattler to draw Yang instead, and when Sanho finally made it over, they decided to let him do House of Yang. It's not the easiest title to find copies of, but it's well worth it.


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