Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TIMMY THE TIMID GHOST (vol.2) #19, Nov. 1970

Created and originally written and drawn by Al Fago, Timmy The Timid Ghost had a rather long tenure at Charlton; longer than most other characters, in fact.

The first series ran for an impressive eight years, February 1956 to October 1964, then oddly two years later the 45th and final issue was published in September of 1966.
During that time a premium/give-away version with different covers ran for 17 issues from 1959 to 1960.

Along with his own title Timmy was a regular feature in many of the humor and funny animal comics of the 50's and 60's, and even popped up a few times in their non-humor books as well, a testament to his popularity at the time.

The final issue of the first series in 1966 must have been relatively successful, as the title was revived just thirteen months later, with numbering beginning at #1 again,in October 1967 and would run for nearly four more years, ending in July 1971 with issue #23.

When Charlton began their last attempt at a return to comics  Timmy was back with three issues of reprints, numbering continuing with #24, September 1985, to #26 January 1986.

There are no credits listed, but it seems to be George Wildman in a rare instance of unsigned pages and cover.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Jerry Ordway! Yup, comics legend, Jerry Ordway.
319 entries were received, and all the emaill addresses were put into a randomizer. Mr Ordway's name was the first to come up! Congratulations Mr. Orday, and I will be sending you your book shortly, courtesy of Craig Yoe / Yoe Books / IDW!
Thanks to everyone who entered!

DITKO MONSTERS VOLUME TWO:KONGA can be ordered at this link.

Monday, September 9, 2013

POPEYE E-10 1972

In 1972, King Features began a massive educational program featuring their characters discussing various careers and topics of interest to youngsters to be distributed in schools, hospitals, offices, etc. Although branded under the "KING" label, they were produced in house by Charlton, with Popeye getting the most exposure with no less than 15 different career subjects.
These books were EVERYWHERE for several years (in fact I recall seeing some still floating about in schools and libraries as late as the mid-1990's!).
Here we have the BUSINESS AND OFFICE CAREERS issue, with a George Wildman cover and Tony Tallarico interiors. Of particular interest is mention of computer programming, certainly a very small and highly specialized field at the time!

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