Wednesday, March 6, 2013

GHOST MANOR #3 February 1972

GHOST MANOR #3 February 1972

An all around great issue, art-wise. From both Ditko's cover and story, to Pete Morisi, and Joe Staton!
Here we have one of Staton's very first professional published pieces, and oddly, it's not inked by Staton. This early tale is inked by veteran Charles Nicholas (although credited on page as just "Nick").
Also, according to the GCD, the Ditko story is both penciled and inked by him, but to a trained eye the inks are clearly ,once again, by Nicholas.

COVER: Steve Ditko
HOMEWARD BOUND: pencils and inks:Pete Morisi
THE CURSE OF THE HANGING MAN:pencils:Joe Staton, inks: Charles Nicholas
THE WAITING NOOSE: pencils:Steve Ditko ,inks:Charles Nicholas

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