Monday, March 11, 2013

GORGO #18 MAY 1964

Post-Ditko GORGO continues with this next issue, #18, (I had misplaced my scans of this issue,much thanks to Britt Reid who came through and supplied scans for me to post! Kudos to you, Britt! Check out his excellent blogpage, RETRO BLOGS and be sure to hit the links for all his other fine blogs as well!)

The cover this time around is by Dick Giordano and Vince Colleta , and it comes across looking very much like a Marvel/Atlas cover from their "monster" period.
The art team of Montes & Bach are back again, and they seem to be getting a feel for the character with their second outing.Bill Molno rounds out the issue with a 5 page back up.
COVER:pencils:Dick Giordano  Inks:Vince Colletta
THE DAY THE EARTH GAVE UP:pencils:Bill Montes Inks:Ernie Bach
YESTERDAY'S TOMORROWS:pencils & inks:Bill Molno

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