Friday, March 22, 2013

GORGO #23 September 1965

This issue marks the end of the series, and in fact sees it's release date a full six months AFTER the previous issue!
Dick Giordano is gone from the cover this time around, replaced by the capable hands of Rocke Mastroserio. Indeed, Gorgo has shed his cutesy,playful look on this cover and looks sleek, downright angry, and formidable!
Mainstays on the post-Ditko issues Montes and Bach turn in one final tale (thankfully not another "Commie Of The Month" story!), and Bill Molno returns to round out the issue with the back up features.
Gorgo stands as one of the longer running titles in Charlton's roster devoted to a single character.


  1. Fun story, but there seems to be a page missing here...the story doesn't end (and BTW page 13 is out of order). Love the scientific gobbledygook!

  2. arrrg...thanks for pointing that out. I'll try to get that edited and put in to proper page order. (a few issues with the ol' computer tonight--always makes for a pain in the arse!)


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