Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GORGO #22 February 1965


The theme of "The Red Scare" continues in this issue and to be honest, it's really just another rehashing of any number of similarly written stories by Joe Gill. Even Montes & Bach seem bored by the story they've illustrated. Not to say it isn't a fun tale, just that it had been done the previous issue,it's just in a different locale is all. This issue marks the beginning of the end for Gorgo, and the next issue would be the last in the series run.
An interesting observation to the art in the backup feature that I had never noticed before: the spaceship and the alien's outfit designs are lifted directly from the Toho film THE MYSTERIANS (1957, US release:1959)!

THE MIGHT OF GENERAL THUNG!: pencils:Bill Montes, inks:Ernie Bach
THE LAST OF THE GREXNONS: pencils & inks:Sal Trapani

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