Saturday, February 28, 2015

69 Years Ago This Month: prehistory of Charlton

February 1946, and Charlton has a total of 4 titles on the shelves this month. Well, sort of Charlton, anyway. At this point Levy and Santangelo are putting out books under a variety of publishing names, seeing what sticks, what doesn't,dodging taxes and permits and such.

Two titles, TNT COMICS and JACK IN THE BOX COMICS are under The Charles Publishing company, while YELLOW JACKET COMICS is under The Frank Publishing Company, and ZOO FUNNIES is published under the name of Children's Comics Publishers.
This is a practice they will continue to do for a while longer with even more publisher names, as they eventually settle in to rounding them all up under a singular mast of Charlton.
We will continue to look at the various publishing names in future posts.

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