Sunday, April 21, 2013

CREEPY THINGS #5 April 1976

1976, and Charlton is about to cease publication for an entire year, before returning with almost all reprint material. However, there's still some great titles on the stands, and CREEPY THINGS is among their best.
This issue features a beautiful cover by Richard Larson (alas, he doesn't contribute to any interior art), the absence of backgrounds helping to accentuate to the terror in the subjects face.
Interior art by Steve Ditko with yet another Joe Gill story about cats, though this one is a notch above similar themed tales by the duo.Stalwart team of Nicholas and Alascia turn in a tale that's also better than the average mystery/horror trope, and the Recreo Studio illustrate one of Paul Kupperberg's earliest stories.
Of note is the letters pages , in which Charlton expresses their continued appreciation and support of the fanzine community.
A fine issue all around.

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  1. While still very good, Ditko's art is this period is looser and less detailed than his late 1960s-early 1970s ghost stories. Charlton had a nice variety of artists and interesting letters pages. They always credited their artists profusely and appreciated fan interest.


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