Friday, November 16, 2012

THE PHANTOM #33, August 1969


One of the finest issues of the Phantom ever. The iconic cover by Aparo depicting a distraught native kneeling beside an apparently "dead" Phantom still packs every bit as much a punch as it did 43 years ago. The corresponding story, written by Steve Skeates, ranks among the very best in the history of the character.

cover: pencils and inks: Jim Aparo
CURSE OF KALLAI: pencils:Pat Boyette
                                     inks:Vince Alascia
THE JUNGLE PEOPLE:pencils and inks: Don Perlin
THE PHANTOM'S DEATH:pencils and inks: Jim Aparo

[UPDATE:] Steve Skeates contacted me, and says ".... my name has somehow been connected with The Phantom for some time now! The thing is, I never did write a Phantom story!....much as I would have liked to!"
So who wrote the story? Perhaps Aparo, himself?Anyone know the true writer on the "The Phantom's Death"

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