Monday, April 15, 2013

SPACE WESTERN #40 October 1952

Cowboys in Space! A concept so simple, it's genius. We make take it as formulaic and cliched now, but in 1952 this was some genre-bending, cutting edge stuff!
Of special note, the series was created and written by none other than Walter Gibson, creator of The Shadow! It had long been rumored, but unconfirmed, but a few years ago the Gibson's original script surfaced confirming once and for all he did, indeed, create this book. (Scans of these script pages can be found in issue #6 of Michael Ambrose's wonderful zine, CHARLTON SPOTLIGHT, 2008).
Also of note, is the change of name for the main character. In Gibson's original script, he is called "Spurs Norton", and in the published version he has been changed to "Spurs Jackson", a smart move on Charlton's editorial staff.
The cover and main stories are illustrated by John Belfi, previously known for his work inking Captain Marvel Jr., Dollman, Justice Society Of America among others.
There is a Lou Morales two pager, and then the artist information dries up.
Sadly, despite the appeal of two immensely popular genres rolled into one, the series would only last for six issues.


  1. Thanks. I've long wanted to get a good look at one of these. What a goofy goofy concept, but it somehow clings together. It puts me in mind of Gene Autry's Phantom Empire, the mashing of western and sci-fi works sometimes, illogically.

    Rip Off

  2. Phantom Empire is EXACTLY what I thought the first time I saw this, as well! Fun concept! Issue 43 has a weird Nazi theme, and I'll be sure to post that one up soon!


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