Friday, April 4, 2014

The painted covers of Pat Boyette

It's generally known that Pat Boyette brought painted covers to Charlton, through a contact in Texas that had refined a way to better reproduce original painted art for comic books.

It's hard to Imagine Charlton in the 70's without these painted covers, as it became a signature of sorts for them. Certainly the "major" companies weren't on this level of intense artistic boundary pushing with their covers.

From December 1972 to November 1976 Boyette turned in no less than 41 stunning pieces of  brilliant masterworks. Here they are, in chronological order.



  1. Beautiful! Wonderful display of some fantastic art by Boyette, an artist who is no longer overlooked, but still not fully appreciate as he ought to be. His ability to evoke the gothic touch is unmatched, no one did it better.

    Rip Off

    1. A truly unique talent, to be certain. Rip, look for Boyette's unpublished "Golden Pharaoh" (which I remember you covering on your own blog a few years ago) in issue #2 of the Charlton Arrow--in full color!

  2. Lovely stuff, thanks for showing these they brought back some nice memories - I have to admit that as a kid I wasn't a massive fan of Pats work but in my teenage years I started to realise what a great story teller and artist he was and picked up his work every time I saw it - loved his Charlton work of course and also his work for the old Atlas 70s line and Warren.

  3. Stunning paintings. While I was never a fan of Space: 1999, that cover is spectacular.

  4. Discovered Boyette from his brief film career (he directed two cheapies in San Antonio Texas in 1962). Reading up on him I realized I did know of his comic books. A talented man!


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