Thursday, April 11, 2013

PUDGY PIG #1 September 1958

This title lasted all of two issues in the latter half of 1958. Why the plug was pulled is anybody's guess, but it would be safe to surmise that Warner Brothers' legal team sent a cease and desist letter to Charlton for what is obviously a Porky Pig clone.
The stories themselves, although standard funny-animal fare, are quite amusing.
Information on this title is skimpy, at best. The cover was by Pat Masulli and John D'Agostino. Interior art is a little harder to identify, but some of D'Agostino's style come across. It's a safe bet that Vincent Fago did at least one of the single-page fillers.
Also included in this issue is a nice Atomic Bunny tale, and even a one page Atomic Mouse PSA.


  1. Good ol' Pudgy Pig makes a comeback in "Charlton Spotlight" #9! And, thanks to research by his son Karl, we've learned George Wildman provided some of the Pudgy pencils and inks!

  2. I should clarify that I mean George did the original Pudgy comics for Charlton (not all), as well as the new appearance!

  3. In "Pudgy Pig" #1, George WIldman did pencils and inks on "Swami Salami," "An Arrow Escape," "Cheap Job," and "For the Birds." In "Pudgy Pig" #2, George did "A Fishy Tale," "Pesky Pest," and "Joining the Fun." These are confirmed in his worksheets/logs kept during that period and in other documents in his files.


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