Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This is one intense cover by Sam Glanzman, full of drama, determination, dread, and the realities of sub warfare.

All three stories this issue are quite good. Unsure of the artist on the first story , but the style is very familiar.
The second tale is also uncredited, but has definite Morisi aspects; if not pencils then surely the inks.

The third and final story is a heavy duty steamroller , action packed and illustrated perfectly by the team of Bill Montes and Ernie Bache, with one of their most powerful stories together.

This title, like many of the war genre, a lot of times could be rather bland--however, this issue delivered the goods throughout.


  1. The 3rd story is great and does the Cover art well.... This book is great.. will have to watch for it!!

  2. I think the first story was pencilled by Bill Montes but inked by someone other than Ernie Bache. Compare especially the heads and poses of shouting characters in both stories.

    1. could be....the inking is very familiar as well, I just can't seem to place it at the moment. Perhaps someone will come through with some more insights.

  3. Fantastic story with actions.

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