Friday, April 4, 2014

The painted covers of Pat Boyette

It's generally known that Pat Boyette brought painted covers to Charlton, through a contact in Texas that had refined a way to better reproduce original painted art for comic books.

It's hard to Imagine Charlton in the 70's without these painted covers, as it became a signature of sorts for them. Certainly the "major" companies weren't on this level of intense artistic boundary pushing with their covers.

From December 1972 to November 1976 Boyette turned in no less than 41 stunning pieces of  brilliant masterworks. Here they are, in chronological order.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

GERONIMO JONES #7 August 1977

Taking a slight break from our look at the final days of Charlton to interject with some full comics.This is a "comics library" after all!
GERONIMO JONES, while never gaining the popularity of other Charlton westerns, was nonetheless actually one of their best. Created and written by Tony Tallarico, it was an offbeat title (lasting only 9 issues), that went to some pretty weird places other westerns were afraid to go.

This issue, drawn by co-creator Jose Delbo, is a perfect example.
Witchcraft, demons, and even male bondage all play a part in this one.

The cover is exquisite, and in fact the house and the bats would be repurposed time and time again by Charlton for various covers, text illos and in-house ads. The real treat is the fantastic double page centerspread, with a morass of witches and demons.
Unfortunately, the series never hit the audience it was going for, and it's last issue dropped in January 1973.

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