Saturday, January 18, 2020

HAUNTED no.10 January 1973

A most excellent issue of HAUNTED, if i do say so! We start off with a striking cover by Tom Sutton, which some readers today may find offensive, but as the old adage goes: never judge a book by it's cover! (although, that's counterproductive, as comics are indeed meant to be judged on the merits of their covers)
We'll get to "Udanga's Curse" in a moment, but first we have a weird one by Nick Cuti and the always able Jack Abel.

We follow that up with a western with a twist written and drawn by Warren Sattler, who flexes his chops here a bit more than he could in the pages of BILLY THE KID.

The obligatory text page, although its not too bad for being a simple one pager.

And then we come to the witch doctor tale of redemption and revenge. It's a doozy, and like i said, read before you judge.
(and i wonder if the title is a slight nod to the 1956 rockabilly rave-up "Ubangi Stomp" by Warren Smith)
Sutton masterfully brings each brush stroke here to really give you the creeps.
The GCD speculates that it's written by Joe Gill, but to me it doesn't have that Gill vibe to it, and i suspect Sutton himself wrote it , or perhaps Nick Cuti.

No filler comics in this one, folks! Enjoy!


  1. Gee... and I was hoping you would be posting some George Wildman POPEYE or some of the other King Features humor strips in the future... Drats.

    More importantly, though, I hope it wasn't some real world difficulties that have intervened, because that would of course well & truly suck.

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