Friday, November 16, 2012

OUTLAWS OF THE WEST #13, December 1957

OUTLAWS OF THE WEST #13, December 1957

This issue features one of the most striking covers not only by Charlton, but by any publisher! Rocco Mastroserio brilliantly uses the white space and the triangular composition to full advantage. A perfect cover in all regards.

cover: Rocco Mastroserio
A THIRST FOR GOLD: pencils:Bill Molno inks:Rocco Mastroserio
RENEGADE DUDE: pencils:Bill Molno inks:Rocco Mastroserio
OUTLAW'S HONOR: pencils:Bill Molno inks:Sal Trapani
OWLHOOT JURY: pencils and inks:Rocco Mastroserio
THE MAN WHO WANTED WAR: pencils and inks:Bill Molno

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