Thursday, February 19, 2015

POPEYE #108 January 1971

POPEYE #108 was written , in part, as George Wildman's 50th anniversary tribute. In the lead story he throws in a short history of the series and has a some fun with a great splash page depicting himself at the drawing board (wearing a Charlton Comics shirt!) surrounded by the cast of characters who are interacting with him. He also gives mention to writer Joe Gill.

The entire issue is Wildman art, with many of the cast getting their share of the action. There's even a filler story involving some whales , also drawn (and likely written by) Wildman
that's quite fun, if a little out of place; especially in this particular issue.


  1. George Wildman's Popeye was one of the best things about Charlton at this time. Along with the great stuff by Cuti, Staton, Sutton, Byrne, and so many more, there was this outstanding material in one of their "funny" books. The Flintstone stuff might've been a little dreary perhaps, but there was no denying that Charlton was having a ton of fun with Popeye. Wildman's Popeye and Newton's Phantom, two King properties that the "Big C" fundamentally juiced up in highly memorable ways.

    Rip Off

    1. Agreed. And his Popeye work continued to be excellent all the way up to the final issues with Gold Key / Whitman.

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