Friday, June 6, 2014

The Last Hurrah: Charlton's Final Days - part six

Apologies for the long intermission between part 5 and part 6, but here, at last is the next installment.

January 1986, and things appear to be moving along rather well for the relaunch. The second Charlton Communique appears in this month's titles, and the news is mostly chipper. There's discussion of their surprise at how many people were getting their Charlton's from comic shops as opposed to newsstands, mom and pop's, grocery stores etc. Plus, the previously mentioned Ditko promo poster, intros to Robin Snyder, Wendy Fiore and to Ditko's Charlton Action Kid
. The downer is the news of the passing of Charlton stalwart (and creator of the original Blue Beetle in 1939!) Charles Nicholas. Everything seemed to be in order for a fullfledged return to greatness, but alas, it was not to be.
This month would turn out to be the next to last in Charlton's 46 year history of publishing comics.

The titles this month are all reprints, even the covers, with not a single new story in the batch.

The titles this month:
ATOMIC MOUSE #3, reprinting the cover to Atomic Mouse (1953 series) #23, and with interior stories from Atomic Mouse #20, Atom The Cat #11, and Timmy The Timid Ghost (1956 series) #7.

 CAPTAIN WILLY SCHULTZ #77, reprinting the cover to Fightin' Army #78, with interior stories from that same issue.

DR. GRAVES #75, reprinting the cover to The Many Ghosts Of Dr, Graves #7, with stories from The Many Ghosts Of Dr. Graves #'s 1 & 3, and Ghostly Tales #67.

LI'L GENIUS #55, reprinting the cover to Li'l Genius #24, and stories from Li'l Genius #11.

TIMMY THE TIMID GHOST #26, reprinting the cover to Timmy The Timid Ghost (1956 series) #9, stories from Timmy The Timid Ghost #6.

And finally, YANG #17, reprinting the cover and story from Yang #3.

Despite the high hopes and initial compelling sales, the next month's titles, cover-dated February 1986 would turn out to be the final comics from Charlton.

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