Tuesday, June 3, 2014

SPACE ADVENTURES #9, Winter 1954

SPACE ADVENTURES was consistently a well written and well drawn title, in fact I would rank it as one of Charlton's finest not just in the space/sci fi mold, but overall in their their entire output, this one really stood out.
This issue is no exception, and behind what is one the more pedestrian covers in the series, lies some truly great stories.

Dick Giordano offers up the cover,a story with his pencils and inks, and inks on another with Art Capello pencils.
Tony Tallarico shows off his stuff with a gross-out page, and an entry in the silly talking dog trope. For those that only know his work from his Hanna Barbera stuff or his turn as the much maligned inker on Blue Beetle, these pages may pleasantly surprise you.
The real gem here is the story "The Good Old Days" by Frank Frollo and Vince Alascia. The surprise ending must have been a real shocker back in 1954, and even today it packs a whallop. Certainly something Dr. Wertham must have had a field day with!

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