Wednesday, July 9, 2014

FIGHTIN' FIVE #40 , August 1966

Fightin' Five were basically Charlton's version of the Blackhawks, although with better character developement, and way sexier (in the form of sultry female member Lady Dawn).
This issue, #40, is particularly rife with skin, of both genders, to ogle at.
Lady Dawn is spectacularly rendered by the exquisite linework of Bill Montes and Ernie Bach. And of course, Joe Gill goes all out in his story. FF apparently being more than just another script assignment, Gill seemed to really relish writing these adventures.
This issue also debuts Pat Boyette's Peacemaker, a character that proved to be so popular so quickly that after just one more issue, FF would be cancelled and relegated to back-up status on Peacemaker's own title.

Cover by Montes and Mastroserio, interiors by Montes and Bach, and Boyette.


  1. Beautiful! I just started a close reading of the Fightin' 5 books for a series of posts at the Dojo in August. It's neat to see such a great scan of this issue available online. There's not much out there about "America's Super Squad"!

    Rip Off

    1. looking forward to reading your entries on FF, Rip! (also, thanks for the write up on the Arrow! Glad you liked our first issue! Peacemaker in issue 2 and 3!)

  2. Figjtin' 5 were awesome. Too bad The rights are tied up in the hands of someone who doesnt know how to(or want to?) revive them.

  3. Awesome. It's like "what if Blackhawk were good."


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