Monday, March 24, 2014

The Last Hurrah: Charlton's Final Days, part three

October 1985, month 2 of Charlton's rebirth.

Along with the previous month's 4 titles, eight new titles are released this month. Again, Charlton dives into the reprint pool, save for a brand new offering; CHARLTON ACTION FEATURING STATIC, written and drawn by the returning Steve Ditko.

We will take a closer look at this title, in a separate entry later on.


CAPTAIN WILLIE SCHULTZ #76 is culled from stories originally appearing in Fightin' Army #'s 23,76, and 77, with the cover from #76

CHARLTON ACTION FEATURING STATIC features all new material including the title feature, two complete back-up stories, and 6 "Heads" bottom strips. As mentioned, this will be covered in a later entry.

THE IRON CORPORAL #23 reprints the cover to Army War Heroes #22, with stories from Army War Heroes #'s 22 & 23, and Submarine Attack #12.

LI'L GENIUS #54 reprints the cover and interior from Li'l Genius #22.

PROFESSOR COFFIN #19 reprints the cover and interior of Midnight Tales #1, with the exception of the 1page text piece "An Interview With Wayne Howard", which is omitted here.

PUNCHY AND THE BLACK CROW #10 reprints the cover to Zoo Funnies #2,with stories from Zoo Funnies #1, Timmy The Timid Ghost (1956 series) #5, and more.

TALES OF THE MYSTERIOUS TRAVELER #14 reprints the cover from #11, with stories from #'s 2 & 7. The real bonus here is the ALL NEW 12 page story, "Hero Of Shadowland" by Rich Margopoulos and Fred Carrillo!

The final offering this month is THANE OF BAGARTH #24, reprinting the highly acclaimed back-up feature by Steve Skeates from Hercules #'s 1 & 2. Rounding out the issue are two stories from Ghost Manor (second series) #30, and Out Of This World #11. A brand new cover by Mike DeCarlo adorns this issue as well.

In the next installment we take a look at round two of the first four re-intro titles, as well as several spectacular promotional pieces drawn by Steve Ditko heralding both the return of Charlton, and Ditko's return to his comic roots.

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