Monday, September 9, 2013

POPEYE E-10 1972

In 1972, King Features began a massive educational program featuring their characters discussing various careers and topics of interest to youngsters to be distributed in schools, hospitals, offices, etc. Although branded under the "KING" label, they were produced in house by Charlton, with Popeye getting the most exposure with no less than 15 different career subjects.
These books were EVERYWHERE for several years (in fact I recall seeing some still floating about in schools and libraries as late as the mid-1990's!).
Here we have the BUSINESS AND OFFICE CAREERS issue, with a George Wildman cover and Tony Tallarico interiors. Of particular interest is mention of computer programming, certainly a very small and highly specialized field at the time!


  1. These are so much fun. I bought a complete set several years ago along with much of the other materials which came with the set. There's a bingo game of sorts and lots of other peculiar things.

    Vintage awesomeness!

    Rip Off

  2. yeah, those other items such as the posters and the games, and the teachers "manual" etc have been high on my list of must have items for a long time. Very hard to find, unfortunately.

  3. Thanks for this. I have a real soft spot for educational/informational comics. These particular have been on my want list forever. I have a goodly number of them, but not all, as yet.


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