Friday, September 6, 2013


DITKO MONSTERS VOLUME TWO: KONGA! has finally hit the shelves! A companion book to the previous volume, GORGO, it dwarfs it's brother book in size. In fact, at over 320 pages it's the
largest release yet from YOE BOOKS !

I will be giving away a copy of this book, courtesy of Yoe Books/IDW, so make sure to read the simple entry rules at the end of this post!

Edited and designed by Craig Yoe, this appropriately massive book is a  true labor of love. It's no secret that Steve Ditko's art is a passion for Yoe,as evidenced by the aforementioned GORGO volume, and the highly acclaimed THE ART OF DITKO and THE CREATIVITY OF DITKO, and he has really let it shine. Bound in a glossy hardcover with a '"fur" sheen, inner pages on 8 x 11 oversized heavy stock, and illustrated inner coverplates , it's a titanic tome worthy of it's gargantuan subject!

There are many treasures here, including a large amount of previously unpublished behind the scenes photos from the film. There's an interview from Tom Weaver with the movie's writer/producer Herman Cohen, loads of promotional pics, and of course Yoe's essay on the film and the comics.

Ah yes, the comics-from stalwart Chartlon Comics,written by the ever prolific Joe Gill, and drawn by the inimitable Steve Ditko (during what many consider the era where he truly began to fulfill his potential) the pages contained in this book are just that: contained, but barely, as they burst forth with power and grab the readers by the collar and take them on a ride of epic scope.
Gill brings his signature romance and adventure to the stories and Ditko is in fine form as he splays Konga's face with the entire spectrum of emotions, especially relishing in the humor and sadness. If you thought a giant ape couldn't bring pathos to it's readers, even a cursory look at Ditko's delineation will set you straight!
Add in the cover gallery and other surprises,such as Konga and Gorgo showing up in a MARVEL comic--drawn by Ditko, no less, and the obvious helping hand of fetish artist Eric Stanton on certain pages and it's a monumental package that you can give a home on your bookshelf with pride.

A quick note of thanks to Yoe Books for mentioning me in the thanks/acknolwedgements as well as this blog and my Charlton Comics facebook group The Charlton Arrow , where you can discuss KONGA, (along with all other Charlton books) with Craig Yoe, myself, many other Charlton alums and fans alike!

It's very simple, just send an email to me at with the subject "KONGA GIVE-AWAY" and you're entered! I'll be drawing a winner at random one week from today, on Sept 13th, so be checking your inbox!Good luck, and the winner will be announced here soon!

DITKO MONSTERS VOLUME TWO:KONGA! can be ordered from Amazon here: Get Konga Here!


  1. I've already got my copy so I'll leave the contest to those who have yet to own this great book. Yoe never fails to disappoint and I have steered several customers from my late lamented Comic Shop towards these treasures.

  2. I also have this already.. Love your spot... Grew up reading Charlton, as they were still doing Horror/mystery( even though reprints by then)... Loved them then and still do...


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