Friday, December 14, 2012


Kirby comes to Charlton! As a means to stay frugal, Charlton would buy up unused inventory from publishers that failed, or were going out of business. Thus, when Joe Simon and Jack Kirby's Mainline went belly up, Charlton jumped at the chance to snag the final remnants of unpublished stories by the two biggest stars in the industry. Four titles in all were acquired, including this one, BULLSEYE. It's an issue that's absolutely top notch, and one of the last things Kirby would do before getting bogged down in the morass of the Atlas monster-of-the-week.

Cover and all stories: pencils, Jack Kirby, inks, Joe Simon,
with the exception of PANCHO CARRAMBA, with pencils by Al Gordon, and possible inks by Joe Kubert (!)

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