Tuesday, December 11, 2012


On the surface, MIDNIGHT TALES appears to be just another entry in the Charlton stable of horror anthologies. Looks can be deceiving, however. The book sets itself apart from others in a couple of interesting ways. While many books had a host/hostess guiding you through the stories, MT takes the concept further by giving the hosts their own story within the book, and as they introduce each story their own tale unfolds over the course of the issue. MIDNIGHT TALES is extremely important for a wholly other reason, though. Today, it's standard practice to give creator credits on the covers of comics, but there was a time when such an idea was unheard of. In fact, MIDNIGHT TALES is the first ever comic book to feature a "created by" credit on it's cover.
Wayne Howard, whose work owes more than a nod to Wally Wood, brought the concept to Charlton, and they loved it enough to give him a cover credit--very forward thinking on Charlton's part!

THE FORTUNE TELLER: pencils &inks, Wayne Howard
GAME PRESERVE: pencils & inks, Joe Staton
MALFUNCTION: pencils & inks, Wayne Howard
LOST IN TRANSIT: pencils & inks, Tom Sutton

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