Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NEVER AGAIN #1 August 1955.

NEVER AGAIN is an odd duck in the Charlton ranks. It appears to have only two issues, number 1--and strangely--number 8!
There is speculation on an issue #2, but it has yet to be confirmed. The numbering jumped around from title to title, becoming Fightin' Air Force for a few issues, and also becoming Soldier And Marine Comics with #9.
Sporting one of Charlton's best covers ever, it's hard to think the artist (unknown) had not seen his share of wartime duty.
The stories are held together with a host, The Unknown Soldier, and covers ample ground from Us v Native Americans, the 100 Years War, and the recently ebed Korean Conflict.
No artist information is given at the GCD, but the lead story , "The Beginning Of The End" has the hallmarks of Bill Draut.I also see elements of Vince Alascia in the final story, but am more unsure of that one. Any info anyone may have regarding the artists in this issue would be very welcome!


  1. Hi Prof,

    Apparently this was work that may have been purchased from the defunct Standard line. The cover is by Ross Andru, likely inked by Mike Esposito (both men drew war stories for Standard). THis is the Unknown Soldier is also Andu/Esposito. "The Beginning of the End" and "Battle of the Bows" looks like Bob Forgione and Mike Esposito. The text story illos are Don Heck. I'm unsure who drew the last issue.

    The cover to #2 is also Andu/Esposito and the contents there are also likely from Standard. I've added credits to the first issue for the GCD.



    1. thanks for the clarification, Nick! I had my suspicions about the artists, but was hesitant to say so. The confirmation is welcomed!

      I do still that the last issue could very well have been drawn by Bill Draut, or at least someone aping bits of his style.


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