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CRIME AND JUSTICE #18 April-May 1954

CRIME AND JUSTICE #18 April-May 1954
Early Ditko!

Steve Ditko was at the beginning of his career, and was tackling a plethora of genres, getting his feet wet and testing the waters with nearly every type of story he could get his pencils on.Here he turns in a moody 7 pager featuring series regulars The Radio Patrol. He's still finding his own style, and traces of others art styles can be seen, but it certainly has many of the hallmarks we have come to know as "Ditko-esque"-- body poses, use of shadow, and cinematic framing, in particular.

cover: Stan Campbell
SAX WAGNER, MURDER MASTER :pencils and inks: Stan Campbell
KILLER ON THE LOOSE (featuring The Radio Patrol): pencils and inks: Steve Ditko
TERROR UNDER THE BIG TOP: [artists unknown]
A SIP OF DEATH: pencils and inks: Stan Campbell

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