Sunday, February 3, 2013

ROBIN HOOD #38 August 1958

ROBIN HOOD #38 August 1958.
Besides the usual gang of artists (Nicholas, Matroserio, Molno etc), we get the great Sam Glanzman and a 5 pager by Steve Ditko in one of his rare forays into the adventure genre.
cover: Rocke Mastroserio
THE WITCH OF SHERWOOD FOREST: pencils:Charles Nicholas inks: Sal Trapani
A FOE IN COMMON: pencils: Bill Molno inks:Sal Trapani
LURE OF THE MAIDEN: pencils and inks: Steve Ditko
THE BAREFOOT BARON: pencils and inks: Sam Glanzman
A FUN DAY WITH POP  (PSA) :pencils:Charles Nicholas inks:Vince Alascia
CHAMPION OF THE OAK: pencils: Bill Molno inks:Sal Trapani

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