Sunday, July 7, 2013

CHARLTON BULLSEYE (comic) #3, Sept. 1981

There's a lot of death in this one. Somebody dies in ALL FOUR stories in this issue. Probably not planned that way when assembling the book, but that's how it turned out.
The first story (and cover feature) is a finely crafted sword and sorcery tale written and illustrated by Ian Carr, who displays a level of scripting and art that could have been easily in one of the Big Two, but he chose to go with Charlton. Kudos to Carr.
"Mission" by Michael Grace is a pretty standard yet enjoyable 3 pager, followed by "Cavern Of The Brain-Eaters" by Gary Wray, which although a nice tale isan obvious knock of in both story and art style of Basil Wolverton.
Of real interest here is Ron Fortier and Gary kato's "Duel In The Stars". A bit cliched, perhaps, but a hell of a lot of fun!
Fortier and Kato would go on to have the cover feature on SCARY TALES #38, with the character Mr. Jigsaw, a character the duo still publish via their own Redbud Studio.

you can find Redbud on facebook HERE and their webpage HERE.


  1. Ha, thanks for posting all this, will share the link on my FB page.

  2. I just found your great site while searching for a digital copy of "The Comic Book Guide for the Artist, Writer, Letterer". Thanks for posting that one.

    I've been a huge fan of Charlton Comics ever since I started collecting around the mid-70's. In fact, the very first 3 comic books I remember buying off the newsstand were Monster Hunters #7, Scary Tales #7, and Haunted #29.

    Brings back good memories.

    1. James, thanks for the kind words. You may be interested to know that I am editing and publishing a new zine dedicated to Charlton called THE CHARLTON ARROW, with the first issue due in September! Many Charlton alumni are contributors such as Joe Staton,Paul Kupperberg and Enrique Nieto, as well as a host of other comics professionals like Roger McKenzie, Rick Stasi, Bob Wiacek, Mark Heike and tons more!

      We also have a Charlton facebook group where we discuss and post all things Charlton and Charlton-related! Check it out!

    2. Cool. I will check it out.

      It's a shame other greats like Don Newton, Jim Aparo, Pete Morisi, and Tom Sutton are no longer with us. Their contributions would have been something to see, I'm sure. But it sounds like you've rounded up an excellent roster!

      Any chance of Mike Zeck contributing? His work for Charlton remains my favorite. No one draws a werewolf like he does!


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