Thursday, May 9, 2013


FOREIGN INTRIGUES lasted a mere two issues, and even then they were published 5 months apart (despite the title being listed as bi-monthly in the indicia). The "Red Scare" was in full force, the Space Age was just beginning, and everyone trusted no one: your neighbor could be a --gasp!-- commie!
Both issues contain stories featuring Johnny Dynamite. Here he is drawn not by artist and cocreator Pete Morisi, but by what appears to be Rocco Mastroserio (this observation is also held by comics art historian Nick Caputo).
The other stories contained whithin (and the cover) are by Bill Molno, delivering some of his better work of the 50's.
Finally, the issue wraps up with a one pager of Trudy,very out of place within the context of the book, with art believed to be by Casmir.


  1. with all respect to you and Nick Caputo, I just can't buy Rocco Mastroserio as the Johnny Dynamite artist. His trademark men's faces are missing, as is his inking style. Many character poses in the first couple of pages remind me strongly of Charles Nicholas. Inker--I don't know.

    1. Smurfswacker,

      You are absolutely correct about the pencils being by Nicholas and not Mastroserio. I suspect the inks are by Vince Alascia. I'm not sure if I added that info to the GCD. I did identify the covrr, along with Raymond Shenck as being by Molno.

      Thanks for being alert and noticing the error. I've already made the correction for the GCD.

  2. I would add that I suspect "Captive Scientist" and "The Man with the Scar" are inked by Mastroserio. Vince Alascia inked the cover and Molno may have inked Cafe Royale (which is next to Casino Royale).


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